Doing drugs had become a usual thing in our society today and have imposed huge threats on the entire society at large. In certain countries it is legalized and mostly children and teenagers become victims of this devastating phenomenon. Drug abuse has many stages to it and those who star using drugs as minors or juveniles are subjected to greater risks, social, mental and physical health issues. Most children and teens do not start on drugs to be addicted or to continue it through their lives. Naturally, teens are very inquisitive about everything and their sole objective is to try this out to see what it’s like. It is unknowingly that they get addicted and finds no way out of that trap.
The common categories of drugs used by most teens in high schools in Abu Dhabi are plenty. Such as tobacco products, cannabinoids like marijuana and hashish, inhalants like gasoline and ammonia, depressants like barbiturates that are commonly known as roofies or yellows, stimulants like cocaine and amphetamine, narcotics like heroin and codeine, hallucinogens that are called yellow sunshines, acid or shrooms, and club drugs that are sometimes called “X”. All of which can be extremely harmful and dangerous to health while bringing destruction and misfortune to social and academic life of the youth.
As parents of all children and teens below the age of 18, it is your responsibility to guide your child on the right path. The very first symptom to find out whether your child is involved with drugs in high schools or through the influence of neighborhood friends, is to see whether he/she is lacking interest in his/her daily activities. Changes in performance in their academic work, sports or extracurricular activities, unpredictable mood swings and frustrated behavior could not be entirely blamed on the teen hormone changes. They could be possible symptoms of drug abuse or alcohol use.
Another common symptom to identify drug abuse is the change in friends of your son or daughter. He/she may drift away from known childhood friends and also may try to live secretively or keep things quiet between them and you. Teens feel good when using drugs and therefore sees no danger or adverse impact on their lives by them and continue to believe that it is the perfect solution for all their matters at home, in school and among friends. Parents need to understand that the sooner you come to know of the possible addictions of your child, the easier it will be to rescue him/her from further destruction or problems. It is crucial to have a very close relationship with their children and be more like a friend for them to help them distinguish what’s right and wrong.