Muslims and Islamic people who are sect of people who worship Allah. They are very nice people who actually have a profound strong belief in their god. Their fasting and doing many other good things. But, due to some people who are commuting crimes under their names, the whole of the religion is ill talked about.
For example, the current issue about the firing in Orlando gay club is putting facts like it was due to personal vengeance. Before they would understand or find the source, most of the people, started blaming the ISIS or some other Islamic organisation for their vengeance against or strong dislike against the gays since it is against their religion. For first one and half or two days no one assumed responsibility for the crimes but when everyone spoke for the Islamic terrorist organisation doing it, they came forward and accepted blame which was an act to be ashamed of.
You can see that all the people are talking about this terror spreading Islamic cults. But no one recognised the fact that many Muslim and Islamic people are having fasting for Ramadan. Irrespective of that, many Muslims and Islami’s people donated blood after waiting in line forever.
There are some Islamic country like Dubai who are leading oil producer. Why aren’t we not getting petroleum and other products from Dubai? We are all selfish people. When we need something, we accept them and get things from them. How can we be any better than the fake terrorists?
There are good companies like hp Dubai, where people are making money selling electric and electronic things to the Islam’s who is considered to be bad and evil. We all want the athar and other perfumes from Pakistan and other Islam based countries. Who are being hypocrites?
It’s time we stop these stereotyping of Islam and Muslim people. They are our brothers and sisters. If they are being blamed then consider the Syrian war. There was a small dispute between two sects of Muslims or Islam’s within the country. But Saudi Arabia and Iran came to support the opposite sects and first entered a cold war.
America and Russia came inside the country to talk peace buy due to small misunderstandings they went and started a cold war on Syrian grounds. Now, you tell me who is the worst enemy of the world? At least those organisations are accepting the fact that they are trying to instil fear in people. But, what about countries like America and Russia? They are the bigger hypocrites than anyone.