Summer holidays are great news for children, after all, they get three whole months with no school. Parents may not be as ecstatic about this news as their little ones. This is because it can be difficult to keep your kids occupied during this period of time. The weather in the UAE, is certainly not cooperating with you.
In most other countries, summertime means hours and hours spent outside. Unfortunately, the temperatures in the Middle East simply do not allow for this type of activities. Which means that you are stuck trying to entertain some very hyper children. Fear not, however, as this article lists some of the ways that you can keep the munchkins busy and you happy! Your options include zoo skatepark, arts and crafts, and a movie day.
Skateboard Park
If you are looking away to burn off some of your children’s energy while staying cool then look no further. The zoo skatepark offers a great reprieve for parents during the summertime. Simply put on your child’s safety gear, grab a board, and let them have the time of their lives. The best part is that the park is inside which means that it is air conditioned. You do not have to worry about your little ones overheating on you.
Arts and Crafts
If you think that this will not keep your kids entertained, then you are simply not going about it the right way. Arts and crafts is more than using paper, crayons, and markers. It is all about creating something magical for your little ones out of completely ordinary supplies. If you are stuck for ideas visit sites such as Pinterest to get the creative juices flowing. You also do not have to keep it within the family. Invite your children’s friends over as well. It will help in keeping them occupied for a longer period of time.
Movie Time
No, this does not involve a trip to a mall. Rather, it is all about turning your living room into a movie theatre for the kids. Close the curtains, grab some pillows, and you are all set to go. Take it one step further and make a whole day of it. For instance, have your kids create snacks that are based on the movie in question. You can decorate them and have a lot of fun. You can also have everyone dress up as their favourite characters (or anyone, really). It will add a lot of fun to the whole experience.
These are just some of the ways that you can keep your kids entertained when the temperatures rise. The most important thing is that everyone has a great time.