Every time a major Hollywood event rolls around, you are bound to see at least one starlet in a dress with a plunging back. Despite being around for a couple of years, it is definitely not a trend that is going away anytime soon. A bare back is a great way to add a little bit of sex appeal to any outfit.
It is a daring look so there are a few style rules that you should probably follow. The most important one of course, is underwear. You are going to need a specific kind of lingerie such as a backless bra to pull of this look. Here are some other helpful tips you should consider:
One of the reasons that many women do not feel comfortable wearing this type of dress because of how much it reveals. We are not talking about the amount of skin being shown but rather bras peeking through. This is why, to keep focus on the dress, you are going to have to don a backless adhesive bra. This way, all anyone will see is your exquisite posterior. You may also want to invest in some low waist underwear, depending on how low the dress dips.
Coco Chanel had the right idea about taking one thing off before leaving the house. When you are in a dress that commands a great deal of attention, it is best to keep your accessories to a minimum. Depending on your neckline, you may want to opt for a simple necklace or even forego one completely. Instead, you can focus on statement earrings. You can afford something with a little more bling, however around your wrists. Overall, however, you should decide on one facet that you would like to accentuate and stick with it.
With this particular type of dress, your hairstyle can greatly impact how well your outfit is displayed. This is why it is best to choose an up-do. This way, the main feature of the dress can be exhibited to its fullest extent. If you still prefer a hairstyle that is more flowing, consider one that is side swept. Gather all of hair and allow it to spill over the front of one shoulder. Then secure your tresses with several clips to keep it in place. As a bonus, you will be adding some old school glamour to your look.
Well, you are officially ready to don that stunning dress. Remember, that the most important part of your entire outfit is your confidence. Wear the dress with poise and no one will be able to outshine you.