Over the years, the cost of renting a place out has been going through the roof. In the major cities of the world, it is cheaper to live in a five-star hotel for the long term than to rent a property out. Projected costs and statistics show that the prices are set to increase even more. There are, however, ways in which you can cut the costs of renting a place out. The best thing is that you don’t have to try and survive in a seedy old motel with cockroaches in the bedsheets and mutant rats in the walls. Some really great homes are open to you if you know where to look and what to look for. Of course, this won’t be very typical in terms of the rental agreement, because it will be a rather unique way of doing it. For one, you could try and be a property guardian. This is one of the most popular types of ways to do so.

Who Exactly Is A Property Guardian?

There are many thousands of properties that have been abandoned over the years and are direly in need of a guardian to watch over them. Some of them include fire stations, pubs and even old schools and hospitals. You don’t have to look for apartments for sale in order to have a roof over your head. The best part about being a guardian is that you are basically a security guard with no uniform. You get to stay in the property for an extended period of time while paying peanuts for rent. All you need to do is keep a watchful eye over the place to make sure that there aren’t any squatters. Of course, you have to do the same thing as you would with a normal rental, such as paying a deposit and signing the lease. If you can show that you have a stable source of income that will cover your costs, you will be given the room or the property.

You Can Share a Home with Others

If you have never thought about living with a housemate while looking for apartments for sale you have been missing out! There are many older people out there who own homes and have an extra room that they are open to sharing for the right price.

This is typically a lot less expensive than getting your own apartment, that’s for sure. You can provide services in exchange for this, such as helping out with the cooking, cleaning and gardening.