It is completely normal for innocent creatures such as children to be afraid of doctors. Often, it is not the professional that scares the children. Instead, children are terrified by the equipment used by the professional. The ominous atmosphere makes them feel more threatened too. You must overlook this problem since it can continue in adulthood too. If your child is afraid of physicians, you need to get rid of it now. Here is how you can do so.

Validate the fears

Do not say ‘it will not hurt’ or ‘don’t be afraid’. Saying such things will only make your child’s fears worse. Therefore, it is best not to lie to your kid. You need to validate his or her fears and say reassuring things such as “The pain will go away soon”. If you give your child false expectations, your kid will be both hurt and disappointed.

Role play

The best way to teach your child that doctors are not scary is let them act the role. Buy a doctor’s kit and let them play the game with his or her teddy bear or Barbie doll. Teach your child how the stethoscope is used and how the blood pressure is checked. If you demonstrate such simple tests beforehand, your child will not be terrified when you take him or her to the best pediatric clinic Dubai.

Provide control

One of the main reasons why children are scared of physicians is the fact that they feel like they have no control over the situation. You need to correct this false feeling and make him or her feel confident. When you take your child to the best pediatric clinic in the city, ask your child what ear he or she wants to get checked first. Allow your child to check your heartbeat. This will make your kid feel more comfortable in the environment.

Bring a toy

For some reason, children like to confide in their toys a lot. They feel comfortable and safe when they are in the presence of their toys. Of course, this does not mean that you can take your child’s entire toy shelf to the clinic. Instead, allow him or her to take the most favorite toy. This could be a stuffed animal or even a Barbie doll. Having this toy with him/herself will make your child feel more confident.

Instead of making the appointment a scary one, you need to offer your child something to look forward too. Teach your kid the positive aspects of a clinic. This will get your kid geared up for the checkup.