There are many different kinds of nurseries available now, making it very hard to choose which one to send your precious little button to. However do not worry I am here to give you a few tips to decide which nursery you should send your child to.

As mentioned before, here are many different kinds of Dubai nurseries. Each one offers different things. So first make it a point to visit most or if you can all the nurseries available in your area to see which one would suit your child’s and your family’s needs best. Many people would say first impressions are not right but trust me they are very important. If your first impression about a nursery is not good, chances are you might be right. If you see the classroom being caked in dust and dirt, and the teacher scolding the children very harshly, chances are it is a terrible nursery. So pick your little one up and get out of the place as fast as you can.

However if your first impressions are good then you might want to sit and talk with the teacher in charge learning about her teaching style and her views on children. Her religious or ethnic background should not matter. If you think they do then you can ask about it but chances are you would offend her… a lot. Also keep an eye on how she is interacting with the children. A good teacher should be friendly and willing to get down to a child’s level to teach them. She should listen to what they have to say instead if intruding at every opportunity and making the children get irritated. Furthermore she should not correct harshly as children are very sensitive to criticism and scolding.

Children are children and should be dealt with as children. Furthermore good nurseries would be properly equipped with teaching utensils. They should have wide array of educational toys and culturally diverse toys. This would help the child understand knowledge more easily, play different games than what they are used to and will make them more open minded as they grow older. Furthermore also have a look at the outdoor equipment, make sure that they are safe for use and do not show signs of age and wear. However do not allow your spouse or yourself to test the swings, slides or any other outdoor games unless you want to break them and see children cry.

Choosing a proper nursery is one of the most important decisions you will make so do not make a mistake because your child will get affected.