It is natural for one to worry about how secure their home is, not just for the security of your expensive goods and items, but also for your family members. If you live in a high risk neighborhood for break-ins and thefts then you have even more reason to be concerned. It is sometimes not enough to just install the proper locks and secure the windows. In order to ensure that your home is well protected here are five measures you could take:

Reduce Temptation

The more extravagant your home looks, the more likely it would catch the eye of a burglar. It’s best to keep expensive items away from windows where they can be seen and keep your expensive car locked up in the garage when it is not needed. Furthermore, if you have bought some new and expensive item, you should get rid of the box properly instead leaving it around in the trash in plain sight.

Get Rid Of Hiding Places

Having pretty shrubs and bushes may make your garden look good but they also provide good hiding spots for intruders. If you really want to have them though, you should regularly trim trees and bushes that are near your house. In addition, you should ensure that there are no dark spots or areas by illuminating your front and back yard during the night.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Intruders tend to keep away if there is a chance that they will be noticed. By having CCTV camera installation done in your home you could deter most intruders since they would not want to be recognized and even if they are wearing a mask, would not want to be recorded. Keep the screens that are connected to the cameras in an area/room that you could gain access to in a hurry so you could check if there is an intruder in case you hear any suspicious noises.

Motion Sensors

In addition to having CCTV camera installation Dubai done, you should consider having motion sensors installed for added security. It would be good to have motion sensors installed that activate lights near entrance such as the front and back door as well as the garage.

Place Security Signs

If you have got any security systems installed it is advisable to also place signs advertising that you have them, which will make any intruder think twice before breaking in to your home. However, be sure not to advertise the brand since this would make it easy for them to figure out how to disable it.