Employment is one of the most obvious yet reasonably difficult aims, in any individual’s plan for their life. Employment is necessary to maintain a reasonably comfortable livelihood, which can extend to supporting a family. Daily needs, including essentials such as food, water, and lodging all require a steady income provided by employment. Therefore, employability is one of the most necessary features any individual can hope to have to be able to become a successful individual.
Although the job market becomes more and more competitive each year, the key is to know what you are looking for, and to focus your efforts on finding a company that suits your skill set best. This raises your chances of being employed and saves valuable time in job-hunting.
Some necessary factors to consider when finding the right company to suit you are given below:
Qualifications and experienceMany jobs and workplaces look for a specific set of qualifications and/or experience. Whether it is a foodstuff trading LLC or a state-run bank, employability depends on how well your skill set matches those that are being sought after by a particular company. When looking for work experience too, this factor should be kept in mind, so that you may fine-tune and narrow down your areas of experience to be gained, so as to not waste time obtaining training you may not need. When looking into an employer, look for sectors that they hire a majority of their candidates from, and focus on work experience in those areas.
Hours and workloadWork hours and workload and their manageability depends on the lifestyle of each individual. If for example you are working another job, then you may to be able to undertake full-time work. If for instance you have a debilitating illness, the workload that is undertaken will have to be considerably less than other employees. Some companies may work according to international times instead of local time. All personal and external factors should be taken into consideration when looking into the workload required by a certain employer as well as their work hours.
Personal developmentAs an employee, no one wishes to work the same job for the rest of their lives; any person would wish for progression and advancement. As such, when searching for the most ideal employer, it is important to look into how well your current skills and talents can be developed, and what new skills you can acquire, and hence grow as a person, while working for that company. It is of no use working for a company that does to ‘give back’ in terms of knowledge gained. 
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