Have you ever wondered what goes on in various cosmetic clinics that are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country? We have certainly been curious as to how these places operate and what they do. Therefore, we took a closer look at some of these clinics and thought we’ll share with you what sort of an affair generally goes on at these places and what they can do for you. Accordingly, these cosmetic clinics, as the name suggests offer a wide variety of cosmetic treatments ranging from surgery to non-surgical treatments; some even including dental care facilities.

What is on Offer?

Some of the most popular treatments provided at these clinics are anti-aging treatments and beauty enhancements. Accordingly, they perform plastic surgeries such as breast enlargement in Dubai procedures, breast lifts, breast reduction, breast reconstruction etc. As per body surgery, the popular treatment methods are tummy tucks and mommy reconstruction procedures. Plastic surgery is also performed on faces, such as brow lifts, facelifts, nose surgery, chin reconstruction etc. In addition to surgical procedures, these places offer a range of anti-aging treatments such as custom treatment plans that include facials that are designed just to treat your skin and follow up treatments and methods of upkeep. Advanced rejuvenation treatments are also available for you if you are not satisfied by the above mentioned general anti-aging treatments.

Skin care solutions for acne prone skin, pigmented and patchy skin, environmentally damaged skin are also some of the more popular treatment options as per our observations. These treatments range from deep cleansing and medical facials to micro needling etc. You can wave goodbye to shaving and waxing at these clinics as they offer laser hair removal mechanisms which are permanent and will save you from extra hassle such as ingrown hair. These clinics also use the latest technology for fat melting procedures, allowing you to have that flat tummy you always wanted. We found out that cellulite reduction treatments are also quite popular at these clinics.

Men’s Clinics

Gone are the days when these clinics were only for women. The modern man is as concerned of their bodies as women and they want to take care of their bodies. This has been recognized by the market and men’s clinics are fast gathering momentum today. Similar to women’s spas, men’s cosmetic clinics also offer treatment to boost confidence and appearance of men. These treatments are tailor made to suit them. For instance, treatments such as Lipomassages slim down the bodies of men, specially concentrating on their problem areas such as their abdomen and waist, giving them more toned skin and building their confidence.