The youth are a growing demographic that has the potential to exceed the achievements of those who came before them. The youth today can roughly be divided into two generations—the millennials and generation Z. Both these categories are similar in many ways, but also wildly different in others. However, one thing both generations have in common is the fact that they make an excellent demographic for the sale of products and so on and so forth. The youth have proved to be far more liberal and far more intelligent than the older generations. The common use of the internet and the interest in things such as political issues and so on have made the youth generation a very different generation to their parents and grandparents. Unlike the older generation, the youth have proven to be more cynical and sceptical of big companies, and more trusting of smaller ventures. They are more attracted to well carry out, personalized advertising campaigns rather than large scale campaigns.
This pattern shows very clearly in the spending habits and behaviours of the youth. A company that can successfully market itself to the youth will find itself popular with an ever growing demographic that can make or break a business. A business that is popular with the youth is likely to remain popular, and as the youth generation enters into more and more jobs, it will pay off. This is the reason why many brands and companies have shown an interest in advertising to the youth. But you do need to be very strategic when doing so. So how can you successfully advertise to the youth?
Frequent their Areas
The trick is not to try and get the youth to come to you, but to go to the youth. Set up things such as booths, or have an exhibition stand design in Dubai done well at places like fairs, college seminars, school events and so on.
An exhibition stand design that can clearly communicate the specifics of a business or a brand will be eye catching and get the name of your brand out easily, and thousands of people often flood these events. Try and sponsor youth events to try and your brand a good public image within this demographic. Understand the group you wish to target and specifically advertise towards them.
Make it Cool
Nothing amuses the youth more than an adult attempting to market their brand as being ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ but failing miserably at it. It is however, vital that you do attempt to make your brand appear cool. Cool does not mean using slang language and so on, but sticking to trends. For instance if you are a food brand, keep in mind that currently, health food is in style. Keep your brand trendy, and the youth will come.