There are several decisions that need to be taken when it comes to building or even remodeling a home. Things can vary from person to person, since most of us do not share similar opinions needs and wants are going to change. Some of these changes are going to relatively temporary, such as changing the colour of a wall, or the fabric used for a curtain. Others are more or less permanent, with decisions such as what type of material should be used in buildings walls. Thus making careful decisions such as whether or not to use drywall imperative. Given below are advantages and disadvantages of drywall.


As opposed to using the traditional kind of plaster, it is much easier and also relatively faster to install drywall. The application of plaster requires a professional for application of three to four coats on a carefully laid out framework of lath strips. On the other hand, when it comes to drywall, any layman can install it up only to call in a professional to do up the finishing touches, resulting in much lower expenses.

As for the disadvantages, drywall is considered to be rather heavy. With a sheet of drywall ranging to about 45 to 50 pounds, installation cannot be done by just one person, thus requiring another set of hands, which leads to the difficulty of installing elements such as a gypsum partition at office spaces. In addition, unlike plaster, drywall cannot freely bend making it a challenge to take smooth curved surfaces.


Even though drywall is considered to be a more stable material over plaster, it is not durable. Considering gypsum partition is used in an office space, it is prone to more damage, but is considerably easy to repair, while also being less time consuming to fix. Since drywall is made out of mineral components, there is no risk of it catching fire, thus making it a material which should be used over other available materials.


The appearance of drywall adds another to its lists of disadvantages by not having a relatively good finish. Since boards are attached together, if they are not taped properly by a professional during the finishing stage it is not going to look pleasant on the eyes. Most drywalls look artificial, therefore is you plan on rebuilding something that needs a sense of authenticity it’s better to opt for a different material.

Depending on what your requirement is you can thoroughly research on the different type of materials and make an adequate decision.